What is Assam tea and what are its benefits

1. Assam tea history and health benefits

Bright, tart and malty flavour with a dark brownish color, Assam tea is popularly known as a breakfast tea. It is name after the Assam region of northeast India, the world’s largest tea growing region in the world. The caffeine content in Assam tea is approximately 80 mg in every 8-ounce cup. Read More…


A wine bottle closure is the last blessing of a winemaker. That closure becomes the guardian of the winemaker’s stewardship and so much more.

A bottle of wine is the work of an entire viticultural year, plus however long the wine was cared for and aged at the winery, not to mention the many years of investment in the wine’s vines prior to that particular annual cycle. Moreover, a bottle of wine also represents a winery and the people behind that bottle from conceptualization, grape-growing and winemaking to shipping and marketing. The choice between the different types of wine bottle closures is critical. Read More…


Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps Manufacturers

Parshva Exim  is Packaging expert based company in India, their Products Include Tear off Caps, Flip off Caps, ROPP Caps, Pilfer Proof Caps, Plastic Caps, Pharmaceutical Containers, Child Lock Caps, Continuous Thread Caps. Parshva Exim covering and fulfilling 80% of Asian and European’s market pharmaceuticals needs. Read More…

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