Menthol crystals make a cold feeling

Menthol crystals are remove from natural culture plants crystallized from peppermint oil. These crystals are 100% pure and are also used for various products when menthol can be represent in products or goods.

These crystals can be make unnatural. If as usual and accepted naturally. It is make from peppermint, peppermint and cornmint. When this process is immediate, this oil immediately begins to freeze, helping to form menthol crystals. These crystals look like small round stone crystals and are also solid at room temperature, but at the upper temperatures, the room level begins to melt. These crystals are white or transparent and also in the form of candles. These substances can be dissolve in polypropylene glycerol and alcohol.

They can be use in industry for various jobs. The industries in which these crystals are use are: the candle industry, the perfume industry. The oral hygiene industry, the tobacco industry. Personal Products Industry and more. These crystals have a strong mint aroma that is naturally present in them. This crystal can be use at 2% to 10% in a product or article, and this percentage depends on the composition of the product or article. You have to buy it from a well-known manufacturer of menthol crystals.

Menthol can be used for various activities in the bathroom as well as for personal care products. Naturally protects body skin against receptors that are sensitive to cold and ensures cool body sensation.

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