Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps Manufacturers

Parshva Exim  is Packaging expert based company in India, their Products Include Tear off Caps, Flip off Caps, ROPP Caps, Pilfer Proof Caps, Plastic Caps, Pharmaceutical Containers, Child Lock Caps, Continuous Thread Caps. Parshva Exim covering and fulfilling 80% of Asian and European’s market pharmaceuticals needs.

We operating our functions to all over the European market and we make sure our product meets our quality standard. Also fulfill all the needs of society by providing them all the quality items and goods of Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps Manufacturers.

We engaged in Manufacturing  and Exporting a wide range of Plastic Bottles and Caps & Closures of pharmaceuticals in India.In other words Also the plastic bottles and Caps supplied by us is available in various kind of Sizes and Shapes. Our range of Bottles and Caps are customize in as per requirement of our Customer.

Moreover we are providing the Packaging Product in Various Sectors/ Industries like FOOD & BEVERAGES (Long neck & short neck), Pharmaceutical Bottle Caps Manufacturers , EDIBLE OIL, Wine, Liquor etc.

As well as we have consolidated the most recent innovation in the business to deliver the best quality items. Combined with long periods of experience and top to bottom information. We have altered the definition of our items to meet differing necessities.

ParshvaExim  puts stock in its reality and accomplishment as an uprightness of help and is focused on offering back to society.

Also Parshva Exim with a fabricating unit produces helpful items portfolio that matches global class. And offers the best benefits which is require in the medicinal packaging services conveyance framework. In other words we are engage towards broadening our item portfolio, improving the current items and growing item applications. Therefore with a fitting update of most recent innovations and redesigning offices by specialized coordinated effort with the MNC.


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